Tourism in Tumbes

Besides Zorritos Beach, the Tumbes region offers several atractions around the hotel, such as the Cerros de Amotape National Park, the Manglove Swamp, the estuary of the Tumbes River -wich also has great spots for kayaking, and thermal pools with healing properties. All of it near the hotel.

Because of this variety of natural scenarios around the hotel, Punta del Sol is the ideal place for install a birding expedition in Tumbes. The sighting can even start inside the hotel enclosure.

Tumbes Mangrove Swamps

60 km (40 miles) from the hotel, less than an hour away by car, is the Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary. It is a wild life protected area, located in the northern limit of the Tumbes coast line, next to the Peruvian – Ecuadorian border. Near 7,400 acres of estuary and swaps covered by four mangrove varieties and other 40 bothanical especies. The area is also the habitat of 200 fish and shelfish species, and other 200 bird kinds. This number includes some birds exclusive to the area, very rare or theatened. Other animals typical of the area are racoons, river otter, and american crocodile.

Cerros de Amotape

40 km (25 miles) and 45 minutes away from the hotel, is located the Cerros de Amotapoe National Park. This wild life reserve is the best preserved example of dry forest in all of the Pacific Coast. In this small natural paradise the undisputable king is the peruvian carob tree, but there is also Palo Santo, ebony, Ceibos and even orchides. This national park shelters 14 endangered species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Visitors have reported the presence of monkeys, otters, crocodiles, boa constrictor, jaguars and small wild cats, eagles and owls.


Because of these two natural reserves north and south of the hotel, Punta del Sol is the perfect place to install a bird sighting expedition. Some local species can even be found inside the hotel terrains! From our location, you can easily access several ecosystems, such as beaches, islands, dry and tropical forests, deserts, river valleys and jungles. The odds of great sights are huge!


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